Clothing Tips

Practical Clothing tips

You'll want your loved one to feel comfortable and look good to help retain their self -esteem, so keep in mind it's an everyday living environment and it's better to select functional clothing that will look good for a long time. Select clothes that are comfortable and roomy, but not too big that they drop off the shoulder or bag. This will make life a lot easier as a good part of the day maybe spent sitting or lying.


If the facility will be doing the laundry, try to stay with polyesters and cotton/polyester blends. The facility's temperature requirements for germ control are strict and these materials will hold up the best and look better longer.

No-iron Fabrics are the best choice

They will always look crisp no matter how recently they were laundered or how long they've been folded in a drawer.  However most of the non-iron fabrics are Polyester which can be a little warm during summer.

Label Everything

The facilities try hard to keep everything in the right place but it's not easy. It's amazing the number of times someone's loved one will drop something or leave it in another part of the facility. Clothing just sometimes, makes it's way into the wrong drawer and can be a while before it is found. You need to make sure they make their way back to the rightful owner, therefore labels are very important.

Choose for Durability

Between the things that can get spilled on clothes, the laundry and the extra wear and tear as they go through their normal routines, this can be one of the hardest environments for clothing. Look for well-made clothes that use comfortable and sturdy fabrics.


Keep in mind the kind of activities they will be engaged in most of the day. If it's wheelchair, pick dresses that are longer in length so they will drape over their knees. For women who spend most of their time sitting, choose a wider neckline so the clothing does not rub on the front of their neck if it pulls up a little as they sit. For men or women who like trousers and will be spending most of their time sitting, look for a style that allows extra room around the stomach and seat area as well as a comfortable elastic waist band.

What to avoid

Remember you require clothing for everyday wear

  • Velcro: It can quickly degrade from the heat of the laundry and will clog up with lint from the dryers. Snap fasteners, buttons or zips are preferred.
  • Delicate Clothing: Acrylics, nylon nightgowns and nylon stockings will not hold up well in this new environment.
  • Expensive Clothing: Use them as part of a day visit, bring them with you for a day out and help your loved one dress, fuss over their hair and make up etc then enjoy your day together, whether it be in the garden of the facility or visiting a special place enjoyed by all.
  • Materials requiring special care: such as wool and silk are best saved for special occasions
Feel good colours and fabrics

We understand through experience and communication with nursing facility carers, that soft colours and comfortable clothing help residents feel more confident within themselves and improve their feeling of personal dignity.

Just let us know your favourite colours and tones and we will put together a wonderful collection for your loved ones.

Our service has been available in Australia for over 5 years, tried and tested, and with your assistance we will develop designs and comfortable clothing to suit your needs.   Just let us know what your needs are, and we will take it from there.

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